“The training I have received from you has proved to be extremely helpful in working with my team. The direction we started by reviewing the 360 has really helped identify some areas where I would not have focused previously. Taking the 360 and modeling a class around areas where I could use assistance worked excellent toward my development. The emphasis on personal productivity and coaching for high performance were highlights and I use those strategies on a day-to-day basis” 

-Vice President Operations, Manufacturing


“I wanted to express my appreciation for the methods taught in the Successful Selection Process training about the effective use of assessment tools in hiring. The effectiveness of hiring has increased not only because of the different methods presented but also because of the insight of the tools to be more effective at interviewing for the right person.” 

-Business Unit Manager, Manufacturing


“The insight that I gained from the “360 review” which encompasses opinions from peers, direct reports and upper management really helped me identify areas targeted for improvement as well as areas of strength to leverage.”

-Inside Sales Manager, Industrial


“I believe LRI’s offering of assessments tools are essential to hiring the right person, for the right position for the right outcome. Once hired the tools provide coaching reports to shorten the learning curve between the manager and the new employee for a smooth on boarding and most importantly performance of the new hire.” 

-General Manager, Industrial


“The assessments that LRI provides will transform how you do business in hiring, coaching, talent development and succession planning for improved performance. The technology is cutting edge and the leveraging of information has been essential to our improved outcomes.” 

-President, Manufacturing


“The Checkpoint 360 tool has been a great tool to help our managers in guiding the development of individual development plans for their staff. It has increased the effectiveness of our managers to provide targeted coaching and training in areas of improvement and a baseline measurement for us to gauge the employee’s development, great tool!”

-Vice President HR, Manufacturing

Talent Management
“Cindy has been an outstanding resource for us providing value in countless ways. Through her advising, coaching and consulting, we've taken our business to a higher level. If you are looking to improve your company's operations, your hiring processes, your personal effectiveness or your team's performance, I strongly recommend Cindy and Leadership Results.”

-CFO, Manufacturing


“Had the pleasure of completing Cindy's training classes through Leadership Results. Cindy is a self-motivated professional who is committed to providing 100% service to her clients. Her motivation and enthusiasm is an inspiration to others.”

-President, Marketing Firm

“I have known Cindy for over 25 years. She is a "True Sales Professional." She is always at the top of her game. She has opened doors that previous sales people haven't and her ability to close deals is second to none. Her integrity is beyond reproach. She is a definite asset to any organization she is associated with.”

-Operations Manager, Manufacturing

“Cindy is one of the most personable, professional people you will ever meet. I have observed her training groups of people on many occasions from all different types of office and manufacturing backgrounds. She never fails to connect with and command the respect of very diverse groups of people. Her knowledge of time management principles and coaching, among other subjects, is outstanding. Her ability to train people in a way that is memorable and helps them to apply what they learn sets her apart from others in the same field.”

-District Manager, Transportation


“Cindy has shown me that, just good enough is not enough, when it comes to success in your career. Through improved organization, communication and coaching skills, she has shown me how to be a better leader. Cindy accomplishes this not only through participation during the weekly classes but also through the one on one time she spends with each of the participants attending her classes. Having Cindy and Leadership Results come out to an organization is an investment that produces immediate results.”

-Engineering Manager, Manufacturing

“Leadership Results consultants are skilled communications expert and organizational development specialist that can help team members to better learn how to give and receive feedback, managers develop their direct reports, HR personnel to conduct assessment tools and 360s during both the recruiting process and as part of ongoing review and feedback sessions with staff for improvement. If you want results different from what you are getting now, I highly recommend LRI as a valuable resource to assist you.” 

-Purchasing Manager, Manufacturing

“My personal and professional relationship with Cindy Beutke, Leadership Results, spans over a ten-year period. As a mentor, Cindy models the values and characteristics that personify true leadership. In developing leadership potential, Cindy inspires individuals to reflect on their own actions and how their behavior impacts others in the organization. Cindy’s vast experience in multiple industries, with diverse groups of individuals, allows her to adapt quickly to any situation that may arise.” 

-President, Service Company

“Cindy Beutke is an amazing development coach that genuinely cares about the success of her clients: both the individuals and the organization. She has solid experience and understands people, organizations, and business very well. Cindy helped our employees in a number of areas, including productivity, time management, and communication. The results were real and effective because Cindy helped our employees understand the needs, empowered them to change, and taught them new skills.”

-Organizational Development Manager, Service Company

“We wanted to make organizational changes within the firm to build our business the right way. For years we had struggled to gain momentum and we knew we needed help and that we should start with the management team. It was a perfect fit—like the military; she challenged us and rebuilt us. We felt comfortable immediately and yet it wasn't because she was easy on us. She was firm and fair in our talent development.”

-CEO, Marketing Firm


“Cindy has a passion for her work that is clear and unmistakable. She gives honest and straightforward feedback to both the employee and the manager to eliminate blind spots. As she is working with individuals she identifies the skill gaps/deficiencies and is able to customize a training program to continue to build the skillset(s) of the employee.”

-Vice President GM, Manufacturing

“I participated in the Effective Personal Productivity course and have found the course highly successful in helping me to improve not only my own productivity but that of the whole European organization. The High Pay off activity exercise has enabled me to set clear and achievable expectations for myself and our staff in Spain and Germany, which has led us into better Goal setting and step by step planning for effective goal completion.”

-Vice President GM, Manufacturing


“My team all gave positive feedback to the process and the items that they have taken from the development program. In fact, most individuals immediately request further training with you. The greatest benefit the team has realized is a common understanding of how to coach people effectively and the use of similar tools in productivity. It has been echoed more than once of how important it was for my team to work together with you.”

-General Manager, Manufacturing


“I cannot say enough about how the training has helped in my day-to-day activities at work, and has even spilled over into my home life. As a group, we learned about motivation, productivity, success, goals, communication, empowerment, coaching and more. But I must say the area that we are still buzzing about today, is how this training has brought our management group together as a true team.  We learned so much about each other through this process including what motivates each of us and what our communication style is. This has resulted in a more productive, more unified group.”


“I have used Cindy's services in a career coaching capacity. I learned time management and project management skills. I loved Cindy's approach as she taught me practical strategies that I immediately implemented in my day-to-day work that made a positive impact (as opposed to other consultants/trainers that provide philosophy that is unrealistic, theoretical rhetoric!). So much of what Cindy taught me has helped me to achieve successful results on subsequent projects. If you are looking for someone to help you advance personally, professionally and organizationally, I would encourage you to utilize Cindy's talents. It's a decision you won't regret and one you will want to share with others.”

-Engineering Manager, Manufacturer

“Cindy Beutke is an outstanding teacher and coach. The results oriented personal effectiveness program she teaches is extremely beneficial. The program is definitely enhanced through her teaching and coaching skills.”

-Manager, Service Company

“Cindy is a seasoned professional with a consistent goal; help the person she is coaching accomplish higher performance. I have had the pleasure watching Cindy interact with her clients on a number of occasions. If you are looking for someone who listens, probes for more depth and helps develop strategic action then call Cindy, you will never regret making the call.”

-President, Service Company

“She has coached many of my high-potential employees (GM’s, future GM’s, Plant Managers, etc.) to foster higher performance.  She is comfortable being an accountability coach with all levels of employees. I am confident that you will find her valuable.”

-Vice President GM, Manufacturing

“Through the coaching process learning how to effectively understand the styles of my staff and how to utilize asking the “open-ended” questions has improved my effectiveness as a leader and made the staff able to work more independently. They no longer run to me looking for an answer that they already have. They now ask themselves the “what and how” that they know I would ask and usually answer the question themselves. This has helped each of them grow and freed up my time.”

-General Manager, Manufacturing


“The purpose of my coaching was to provide tools and resources to handle several complex
management issues associated with leading and changing a very old and complacent business. The scope of coaching provided tremendous tools and skills which I would have taken years to develop through experience and error. I believe that the progress made in changing the culture and direction of the organization are a direct result of the tools I obtained in my coaching.”
-Vice President GM, Manufacturing

Strategic Planning

“Cindy is astute in every aspect of the leadership consulting process to empower clients to achieve high performance outcomes. Some of her skills include facilitating a strategic planning process, providing customized one-to-one and small group instruction and coaching so clients acquire and apply leadership strategies and behaviors across a variety of settings, and conducting effective large group skill-building sessions on a variety of leadership topics. Her personal style is highly engaging and up-beat, so that clients improve skills and gain knowledge in a fun and pleasant atmosphere.“

-Assistant Principal

“Cindy and her firm, Leadership Results, is a must hire for those organizations that are striving for high performance, accountability at all levels, satisfied customers and profitable growth. Cindy's ability to coach, train, understand and advise business owners and assist them in developing strategic and tactical plans that will produce desired results is top notch!

-Buyer, Manufacturing Company


“The Strategic Planning Process (SPP produces exceptional results and much of that is due to Cindy's attention to detail and attention to the bottom line. If someone is looking for a partner to help them grow their company to that next level, Cindy Beutke should be that person you contact.”

-Vice President, Service Company

“I had the pleasure of learning Cindy's Strategic Planning Process model. This model removes the mystery and confusion around strategic planning. Her model provides step-by-step actions that are easy to follow. Using this model, with its scorecard and accountability factor, ensures that any organization, regardless of the type of business, has solid tools to execute a strategic plan with success. I highly recommend Cindy and her organization as the resource to assist you in taking your organization through its strategic planning process.”

-CEO, Service Company

“Cindy is a professional who cares deeply about her clients and the results they get as a result of her work with them. She is talented when it comes to helping executive teams develop strategic plans and facilitating leadership development processes to support the execution of the plan. I recommend Cindy to any business owner or senior executive who wants to bring out the best in their employees and get better results.”

-CEO, Service Company



“Our team has gained great value and productivity by participating in the Outlook and OneNote seminar.  The efficiency we have gained with shared calendars, task delegation, meeting invites, and planning daily/weekly have paid off in accomplishing goals. OneNote has been awesome in helping us manage projects, staff and our Tactical plan to get the result on time. The feature of tasking from OneNote to Outlook has been a great tracking and sharing of information feature for us, thank you! At the end of the day it’s nice to walk out of the office knowing that I accomplished what I set out to do.”

-General Manager, Manufacturing


“Cindy has a very positive and enthusiastic approach to time management and organizational skills. The tools she educates people on can really make a difference in the everyday approach to managing tasks, personnel and time.” 

-Accounting Professional, Manufacturing

“I enjoyed the seminar in learning the various communication techniques and how to apply each technique differently based on the other person’s personality type. This proves helpful in leading the business and the team in dealing with the various cultural and personality differences.” 

-General Manager, Manufacturing


“Cindy did an excellent job teaching an eight-part seminar on the basics of being a good supervisor, to a group of managers at my company. It is obvious that she has "seen it all" over the years when it comes to situations with employees. She was able to answer all of our many questions about employee-supervisor issues, especially the more complicated ones. I highly recommend Cindy to any individual or company looking for these type services!”

-IT Manager, Manufacturing

“I have known Cindy Beutke and the Leadership Results, Inc. for over ten years. She has been a great training resource for me and my organization. Her strong expertise in identifying, goal setting and developing 80x20 performance improvement programs and opportunities in any organization is among her strengths and capabilities”

-General Manager, Manufacturing


“Our team, General Manager, sales, engineering and the operations organizations have all significantly benefitted from her training modules and program. Cindy carefully analyzed each situation, provided appropriate training programs and conducted the training to assure the final goals are achieved.”  -General Manager, Manufacturing


“Cindy’s teaching skill in capturing the audience attentions and involvement in the class is an example of her strong and valuable talents. Cindy’s training programs have significantly helped our teams overall performance and I strongly recommend her to any organization looking to improve their staff and business results.”

-General Manager, Manufacturing


“Your presentation of the material was extremely important. Your ability to access individuals and adjust to their needs quickly, professionally and appropriately for every situation was invaluable in the training process. We would not have received the same level of benefits without you as trainer. From the training the enthusiasm my co-worker and I have over the training enticed our fellow employees to learn what we were doing because they saw results. The techniques and processes we learned from the training were easy to carry over to the entire unit.”

-Business Unit Manager, Manufacturing


“All of my managers agree that because of the training there was a renewed sense of enthusiasm.  The goal setting session was very rewarding and gave us the insight we were previously missing.  Lessons on delegation were very beneficial and have helped us empower our teams. This is taking place while we transition into dedicated business units with responsibility for sales, engineering, manufacturing and shipping all under one Business Manager. Your training has helped tremendously at this very critical time of growth.” 

-General Manager, Manufacturing


“Even though, when I started out, I was not sure what I would get out of the seminar; at the end, I was very impressed with the results in terms of how I began to manage my time effectively on a regular basis. The practices the seminar introduces to follow daily, weekly and monthly help squeeze out time from a seemingly impossible schedule. Eventually, I was able to get more awareness of my daily routine, put actions in their proper time and place, and have time to deal with emergencies at a more productive pace.”

-Engineering Manager, Manufacturing



“Cindy Beutke and LuAnn Shields did a fabulous job of facilitating thoughtful and sometimes hard conversations with the teams. They continually challenged us to consider what we do to impede growth within our programs while empowering us to take leadership for reaching our program goals, mission, and vision. It was a privilege to work with such outstanding facilitators. It was well worth the time and money!”

-Early Childhood Administrator


“The process Leadership Results, Inc. used to lead our teams through the strategic planning process was systematic, collaborative, and powerful. Every team member walked away with a sense of accomplishment and investment in the process! The materials and resources used throughout the strategic planning process will be invaluable as we continue our journey. Through their support and leadership we are well equipped to obtain feedback from our stakeholders and develop tactical and strategic goals moving forward.” 

-Early Childhood Administrator

“My personal and professional relationship with Cindy Beutke, Leadership Results, spans over a ten-year period. As a mentor, Cindy models the values and characteristics that personify true leadership. In developing leadership potential, Cindy inspires individuals to reflect on their own actions and how their behavior impacts others in the organization. Cindy’s vast experience in multiple industries, with diverse groups of individuals, allows her to adapt quickly to any situation that may arise.”
-President, Service Company

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