Great athletes use coaches to help them perform to their peak level. Like athletes, people in any profession can gain great value by using a coach to help them progress in their performance and goals for greater success. Coaching is a one on one relationship between an individual and a coach to facilitate thinking, learn new behaviors or skills for personal growth. Coaching is a structured process that is designed to fit the situation with the person. The sessions are conducted by conference calls, webcam and personal meetings. Coaching is:



Many successful people have experienced great value in having a personal coach to discuss situations they encounter, clarify goals, brainstorm actions, hold them accountable, be a confidant as well as many other roles for personal growth.



Awareness is the first step in change. The coach will meet directly with the coachee and understand their perspective on the strengths to be leveraged, areas of growth and desired performance. The coach will recommend assessment tools to be used based upon the goal.


After the appropriate assessment tools have been selected the coachee will take the assessments on line. When the assessment tools have been completed the coach will meet with the coachee to present the feedback for understanding to create the awareness and application.



To position the coachee for success clear expectations and goals for development are established. Through the step of awareness we want to begin to gain the buy-in from the coachee on their own or the company’s expectations of them. The coachee needs to be motivated to invest the time, effort and action for results.


Action Plan

The coach will guide the coachee in developing an action plan with specific action steps to achieve the goals. Training and development resources will also be recommended to increase the knowledge of the coachee on specific skills for development if necessary. Potential resources may include books, training modules, role plays, video taping, audio taping, etc.



During the coaching sessions the coach will dialogue with the coachee to affirm what is working, as well as challenges being experienced. The coach will ask questions to assist the coachee to discover attitude and or actions hindering the outcomes. When desiring to change the level of success different results are required. With different actions/behaviors new results are experienced. At times the quality of action can suffer if attitude does not support the action. This can be discovered through coaching.






“I have used Cindy's services in a career coaching capacity. I learned time management and project management skills. I loved Cindy's approach as she taught me practical strategies that I immediately implemented in my day-to-day work that made a positive impact (as opposed to other consultants/trainers that provide philosophy that is unrealistic, theoretical rhetoric!). So much of what Cindy taught me has helped me to achieve successful results on subsequent projects. If you are looking for someone to help you advance personally, professionally and organizationally, I would encourage you to utilize Cindy's talents. It's a decision you won't regret and one you will want to share with others.”
-Engineering Manager, Manufacturer

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