Once the strategic plan has been established, the challenge is how to implement the process successfully. A systematic approach is critical for execution of the overall plan. In this module the leaders will determine how the goals will cascade down into the organization by location, area, department and individual. The people will be involved in developing the goal action plan to identify the steps to implement daily, weekly, or monthly. The leaders will determine what teams need to be established and how the teams will function to be effective. In any plan the people and their performance have a significant impact on the results. Key components such as succession planning, individual development plans, performance expectations, performance management, coaching and performance improvement plans are utilized to develop the human potential for performance. From the plans, electronic tactical and department scorecards are developed to manage and monitor the execution of the plan.












“Cindy is a professional who cares deeply about her clients and the results they get as a result of her work with them. She is talented when it comes to helping executive teams develop strategic plans and facilitating leadership development processes to support the execution of the plan. I recommend Cindy to any business owner or senior executive who wants to bring out the best in their employees and get better results.”
-CEO, Service Company

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