Leadership Results, Inc. offers progressive educational leadership services to support school and educational agencies through a customized approach to improved outcomes. Leadership Results Consultants engage stakeholders in the successful development of a comprehensive  program/school/district strategic or continuous improvement plan and guides the team through implementation and evaluation to ensure that the plan stays on course.   


With over 50 years of collective experience in business and education, Leadership Results Consultants guide clients in directly applying effective leadership strategies that will advance the program/school/ district to higher performance in an enhanced positive working environment


What are the key components of the Strategic Planning Framework?

  • Setting expectations for stakeholders
  • Defining the role of the leader(s)
  • Engaging staff in collective ownership of the plan
  • Guiding effective communication among stakeholders
  • Enhancing effective leadership to implement and sustain the plan
  • Use of collaboration and coaching to guide teams through successful implementation
  • Data-based problem-solving approach to planning
  • Establishing parameters to evaluate effectiveness of plan periodically  


What are the essential steps that Leadership Results consultants utilize in guiding teams through a strategic plan?

  • Facilitating a thoughtful review of current realities to establish measurable expectations for the program/school/district that include identified areas of strength and areas of further improvement/opportunity
  • Envisioning–development of values, purpose, vision, & mission       
  • Defining future direction by establishing strategic initiatives & school/district improvement goals
  • Development of succinct goal action plan with timelines and responsibilities for stakeholders
  • Supporting the execution of the strategic plan and evaluation of effectiveness


What makes Leadership Results unique?
Leadership Results provides customized educational training opportunities for teams and individuals in a wide range of essential leadership competencies that lead to greater systemic effectiveness. These areas include:  

  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Coaching for Improved Performance
  • Strategies for Effective Communication
  • Principles of Leadership
  • Practices of Empowering Leaders
  • Strategies to Improve Personal Productivity
  • Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
  • Empowering Other for Success
  • Initiating & Embracing Change
  • Managing Change
  • Developing Effective Strategies to Resolve Conflict
“Cindy Beutke and LuAnn Shields did a fabulous job of facilitating thoughtful and sometimes hard conversations with the teams. They continually challenged us to consider what we do to impede growth within our programs while empowering us to take leadership for reaching our program goals, mission, and vision. It was a privilege to work with such outstanding facilitators. It was well worth the time and money!”
-Early Childhood Administrator

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