Leadership Results, Inc. (LRI) recognizes that whatever work environment you are in and whatever your organization does, continually growing in a highly competitive global environment, can be challenging. The performance of the leaders and people greatly influence the success or failure of an organization.

LRI is a provider of performance management solutions offering a wide variety of resources and services to organizations in managing their most valuable assets, human capital, to produce results. We offer tools for recruiting, managing and developing talent for a highly engaged workforce that optimizes results, as well as organizational development such as strategic planning.

“The Coaching for High Performance training helps guide you in your daily communication with those that work for you and with you. Practicing the techniques gave me confidence in dealing with others. Conflict is not an everyday occurrence, but it is nice to have confidence when dealing with a difficult situation. Coaching is also about making others feel good about the jobs they do.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Controller, Manufacturing