Success is a journey and not a destination, and this wisdom is especially true of organizations. Organizations are on a journey daily to progress to the next level of success and performance to use more of their potential for increased growth, revenue and profit.

Performance of organizations is impacted by the choices they make that are either proactive or reactive to changes in technology, globalization and economic conditions throughout the world. These forces as well as others specific to industry present formidable challenges to every organization whether large or small, new and old. These challenges are changing the business world dramatically.

  • How does an organization avoid misperceiving new business trends and/or marketing developments and stifling its own growth?
  • How does an organization not only survive, but also thrive, in today's competitive climate?
  • How is that accomplished? Strategically!
  • Potential of an organization is tapped into when engaged in the Strategic Planning Process®


The Strategic Planning Process is a systematic approach involving everyone in the organization to develop a plan for improved results. The process is driven by the key leadership and is guided by a certified professional facilitator. The role of the facilitator is to lead an organization through the process to develop the strategic plan, not to tell or develop the plan. There are five key components, shown below, in the process.



Strategic Planning gives organizations detailed, well-documented guidance that helps to keep activities focused over a long-term time horizon (typically, three to five years).

“I had the pleasure of learning Cindy's Strategic Planning Process model. This model removes the mystery and confusion around strategic planning. Her model provides step-by-step actions that are easy to follow. Using this model, with its scorecard and accountability factor, ensures that any organization, regardless of the type of business, has solid tools to execute a strategic plan with success. I highly recommend Cindy and her organization as the resource to assist you in taking your organization through its strategic planning process.”
-CEO, Service Company

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