The starting point in the strategic planning process is the Strategic Evaluation module, where comprehensive data and information is collected electronically to determine where the organization is currently.  The organization obtains information from many different sources to understand the current situation.


  • Feedback from employees
  • Customer feedback
  • Parent feedback
  • Leadership team feedback
  • 80/20 the business
  • Market/industry
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the organization


This information will define the starting point that is measurable and identify gaps for improvement that will be addressed through the strategic planning process.










“Cindy is astute in every aspect of the of the leadership consulting process to empower clients to achieve high performance outcomes. Some of her skills include facilitating a strategic planning process, providing customized one-to-one and small group instruction and coaching so clients acquire and apply leadership strategies and behaviors across a variety of settings, and conducting effective large group skill-building sessions on a variety of leadership topics. Her personal style is highly engaging and up-beat, so that clients improve skills and gain knowledge in a fun and pleasant atmosphere.“
-Assistant Principal

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