The key leaders determine where the organization wants to go in the future. Passion for the work of the organization begins to take form as the future of the organization is described, its purpose is clarified, and guidelines for operating are identified. In the envisioning module the organization identifies its shared values, purpose, vision, and mission.


  • Values support the core ideology and are the guidelines within which the organization operates. They are the timeless and guiding principles that motivate and inspire employees’ behavior. 
  • Purpose is the heart and soul of the organization, it is the reason for existing.
  • Vision is a vivid description of its envisioned future. It paints a picture of what the organization will be. It is the image that is created and will be in the minds of the employees and an inspiration for their actions, behaviors, and attitudes.
  • Mission states what the organization is going to do and how it will accomplish the vision. It is the overall propelling force that drives the vision. An organization’s mission statement will bring clarity of focus to its employees and can influence their choices for aligning with the vision and strategic initiatives.





“Cindy and her firm, Leadership Results, is a must hire for those organizations that are striving for high performance, accountability at all levels, satisfied customers and profitable growth. Cindy's ability to coach, train, understand and advise business owners and assist them in developing strategic and tactical plans that will produce desired results is top notch!
-Buyer, Manufacturing Company

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