Effective and successful teams are essential to an organization’s growth, and mastering successful team development is a key to a team leader’s success. Team performance is about relationships among team members. It’s about team communication, understanding, trust, difference and diversity. Team leaders need to know how to get the most productivity and the best performance from every team member. This is especially important in today’s workforce when many teams are spread across the globe.


Benefits of High-Performing Teams

  • Reduce conflict and minimize failure

  • Improve productivity and performance

  • Deliver results on time and on budget
  • Boost workforce engagement, morale and commitment


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The following assessment tools can be used in Team Developmen:t


The Profiles Team Analysis Report from the Profiles Performance Indicator™ is designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s teams through careful analysis of team dynamics.


Team Development ReportThe Profile's Team Analysis Report helps team leaders understand team dynamics and get the most from every member to effectively achieve team goals. The Profiles Team Analysis Report provides: who would be best to lead the team, provides team leaders with the core characteristics of each team member and predicts how team members will work together, gives leaders information to task team members with responsibilities that best fit their unique skills and abilities, team leader with a blueprint for team management and development that delivers maximum results, team strengths, and important areas where the team may be lacking characteristics necessary for growth, identifies competencies and characteristics that may be over-represented on the team, resulting in potential team conflict.


CheckPoint Executive Overview—The report presents a summary view of the CheckPoint 360° completed by the executive team managers, their bosses, direct reports and peers and the other group. The collected ratings are analyzed to produce three useful indicators of the leadership strengths of the team and areas of improvement as a leadership team.

  • Leadership Team Alignment—An important aspect of a business relationship is the degree of alignment between managers and their respective bosses regarding the skills critical for success. Both the managers and their bosses were presented with the 18 Skill Sets and asked to select the six Skill Sets they felt were most critical for success in the position. The extent that a manager and a boss agreed on which of the 18 Skill Sets are most critical to success is reflected in the Leadership Team Alignment percentage. This alignment is an excellent indicator of the effectiveness of communication among your leaders. A high average percentage alignment here suggests a common view of the skills necessary to be a successful manager.
  • Organizational Competency Development Summary—This is an overall summary of how the managers were rated by their bosses, direct reports, and peers on each of the 8 Management Competencies. The information is presented with the percentage of the managers whose ratings fell below the Favorable Zone and those whose average ratings were in, or above, the Favorable Zone.
  • Organizational Skill Set Development Summary—Each Management Competency is made up of two or more of the 18 Skill Sets used to rate a Manager's actual behaviors. After each rater has indicated the frequency a Manager expresses these important behaviors in the actual work situation, an average rating is reported for each Skill Set. This provides a look at the percentage of your Managers who fall below the Favorable Zone.
“The insight that I gained from the “360 review” which encompasses opinions from peers, direct reports and upper management really helped me identify areas targeted for improvement as well as areas of strength to leverage.”
-Inside Sales Manager, Industrial

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