The Organizational Plan provides a realistic look at the organization’s desired outcomes and results. The leaders will develop plans that will address the long-term needs and short-term needs. The Organizational Plan determines what needs to be accomplished and how it will be implemented, both long and short term. The Organizational Plan consists of three components: a strategic plan, a tactical plan and a communication plan. These three components are essential to an organization’s success in achieving its strategy and propelling it forward to its mission and vision.


Strategic Plan is the long-term intentions of the organization that is designed to align within the strategic initiatives for 2-5, 2-8 or 2-10 years.


Tactical Plan is the goals and actions of the organization and it is directly aligned with the strategic plan on how the organization will achieve its current year’s fiscal results.


Communication Plan is how management will communicate results of the strategic planning process to the organization, as well as set expectations for future communication to keep everyone informed on the progress.













“Cindy is a professional who cares deeply about her clients and the results they get as a result of her work with them. She is talented when it comes to helping executive teams develop strategic plans and facilitating leadership development processes to support the execution of the plan. I recommend Cindy to any business owner or senior executive who wants to bring out the best in their employees and get better results.”
-CEO, Service Company

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